Mr. Shanmugarajan Natarajan

Mr. Natarajan joined The Heritage Insurance as the Chief Executive Officer in 2016, previously he was the Vice President of AIG in India, he has 27 years of experience in General Insurance.

3 comments on “Mr. Shanmugarajan Natarajan

  1. Suwi Joseph M. says:

    I am a student pursuing bachelor degree of insurance at institute of finance management i am ambitious in developing my carrier about insurance matters

  2. Suwi Joseph M. says:

    Congratulations Mr. Shanmugarajan Natarajan. Our insurance industry still demanding experts like you in order to attain some points of development

  3. Katongo sinyanga says:

    I like your presention of products design. There are few experts in the insurance industry across the world and I would like to congratulate Mr shanmungarajan natarajan the past experience . I would like to advise him also to improve the service conditions of the sales representatives in the company ,they deserve to be paid commission before any one gets the salary in company. They create 90% employment development in the company and therefore, they deserve the best service.
    Mr Katongo sinyanga, working for Madison insurance company, in Zambia, as a team leader training .I’m pursuing a career in chartered institute of insurance (cii UK).

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